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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time to Start

Let the build begin!

Step 1 is to choose the woods, and do the initial preparation. So here are a few pieces of mahogany (2 pieces to be joined for the body, plus another piece of mahogany for the neck) plus a piece of ebony for the fingerboard. The ebony has an interesting bit of colour variation in it, which doesn't really show up in the photos below ...

My original plan was to use a maple cap, but then I saw this in the woodstore. Again, the photo doesn't really do justice to the beauty of the wood, and it's also completely untreated at the moment ... so my expectations are high for the finished cap ...

It's bookmatched Amazique. It's around 12mm thick, so plenty of scope for some carving.

This evening, the body pieces have been thicknessed (down to 38mm), and the neck blank has been sanded and planed. First job tomorrow will be to get the body pieces glued together, and possibly get the cap glued on too.

The build has started !!!

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