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Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 4 - Interim Update

It might be cold, dark and windy outside (that's usual for Scotland apparently), but we're not finished yet. Taking a quick break for some food, before back to the workshop. Whilst we eat, the glue binding the neck to the body will set, and we can complete the final few steps before spraying.

So, this is an interim update, with more to follow later. Probably much later.

The day began here. One body and a pencil ... where shall I carve?

A few hours later, and I'd done some carving. Usually, when sharp tools are brought into contact with wood, the wood suffers. However, this piece of Amazique didn't go quietly, quickly or easily. There are some blunt tools in the workshop, and some aching muscles in my arms.

A few hours later, and we're getting there now, much oh so much more to do ...

Today I probably spent 5-6 hours on the body, and a 2-3 working on the neck. It should all be worthwhile tomorrow when the body gets fitted with the hardware and I do something called "plugging it in".
I forgot to take a pic of the guitar with the finished carved top before I glued the neck in.
And I forgot to take a pic of the guitar with the neck glued in before we stopped ...
So, more photos later this evening when the glue has set - check back later!

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