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Sunday, July 13, 2008

and finally ...

This one has been more delayed than a National Express East Anglia train out of Liverpool Street on a Friday evening.

Or - thinking about it - just about any other evening too.

Finally, 'tis done ... I thinline-Tele-alikey thingy. Cherry body, with a (bookmatched no less!) Cherry top. Mahogany neck and a Wenge fingerboard. I got a bit adventurous with this one - see the mahogany inlay around the soundholes on the body, and the cherry inlay on the headstock. I think it works ...

Pickups are "AXL by EMG", just because they were cheap on eBay. Other bits and pieces from Keith at Axetec.

There's a bit of finishing off still to do. When I put it all together, I had to take 2mm off the heel of the neck to get the action right. I've not re-oiled that area yet, which is the light area that you can see in the pic above.
Apart from that, I'm fairly happy with it. Quite a few firsts in this one for me ... the first time that I've used a cap, the first time that I've chambered a body, the first neck that I've made from scratch ... it's a lot different when you're doing it all on your own rather than on a course somewhere - it takes a lot longer, and you have to work out for yourself how to fix all the little "features" that appear.
Now, what's next ...