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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Late Update

Bit of a late update tonight - because the working days are getting longer! Tomorrow's update could be even later ... but might just include a photo of the sprayed body ...

First things first ... the cap and body joined together overnight, with the help of a lot of glue, and a lot of clamps. Here's the finished product - and you can see what the joined cap might look like.

Plenty of time today spent on the neck - the front of the neck today, getting it properly levelled, the fret slots cleaned out, the frets cut, pre-bent, and placed gently in position. With a hammer. After that, all those sharp edges have to be removed with a file. After the photo below, the side dots were put in place. Drilling a 2mm hole in the side of a fretboard which is only 5mm wide is not a task to be done with eyes closed ... there's not a lot of margin for error!

But if - theoretically, hypothetically, and just supposing - an error was made, I do know a fix.
Starting to mark up the body to work out where the hardware will be placed. At this stage, still undecided whether to use 3 of the single-coil-sized humbuckers, or 2 of them with a P90 in the neck position. Oh, and you can see the bridge in this shot too. Don't worry, the scratchplate was just used for a rough idea of positioning, there's no way I'm putting a scratchplate on this body.

And this is why there'll be no scratchplate on this body ... would you want to hide any of this beautiful wood? Here's the body, after it spent a few minutes being bandsawn, and then a few more minutes with the router cutting the edge properly.

You can also see the pickup positions routed out, from which you will see that the final decision has been made - the P90 is heading for the neck position.

And finally for today - the neck pocket has been routed, and the neck accurately placed into position - either that or shoved with brute force into the pocket ...

Tomorrow, the day will start with carving the body, will progress into planing the body, and will end (fairly late) with sanding the body. It will then go into the spray shop.
Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment ...

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Mike said...

Yep OK I'm impressed! You could have spent Easter at home making snowmen and drinking beer, instead you make a guitar and drink beer. Notice the common beer theme here.... Looking forward to trying my basic chords on the new axe.