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Monday, April 27, 2009

Looks are deceptive!

If you look at the previous post, you'll notice that the Kawai appears to be a little less than fully original.

The bridge is certainly a replacement (although I did also manage to get the original unit, but the screws for the individual saddles have been stripped of thread) and I thought that one or other of the pickups was also non-original. All my other Kawais use the ivory-coloured open coil humbuckers, so my betting was that the black p'up was a replacement.

So, as it's non-original already, I thought I'd replace the Kawai's p'ups with a set of PRS Dragon p'up that I've got sat here, unused.

I carefully unsoldered the existing wiring, carefully unscrewed the existing p'ups, and took them both out. Turned them over to see what the black one actually was ... and it was stamped "Mighty Mite Inc" - exactly the same as the ivory p'up, and a standard fitment on those Kawai guitars.

So, for some reason, this guitar shipped with 2 different colour pick-ups.

Think I'll still replace them though. I prefer things to look balanced!