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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preparing for the course

I'll be doing the course that runs over the Easter weekend - 21st-25th March 2008.

Last year, I posted progress updates on various guitar-related forums, and was amazed at the number of hits and comments that the posts generated. This year I've set-up this blog to publish the progress updates. My aim is to post updated pictures at the end of each working day. The days are long though, so don't expect updates at 5.01 each evening!

Last year I started with this pile of woods:

That's a piece of maple which became the neck (with an ebony fingerboard) and a piece of ash for the body.

5 days - about 50 working hours - later, I'd created the guitar pictured on the right.

When I say "I'd created", that's shorthand for "I did it, under the supervision, guidance and tutoring of a highly skilled luthier who's also a calm and patient teacher". Thanks Mark!

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