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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Normally I can make decisions. Decisions like "Pick A or B". "Buy 1 or 2". "Do we do it; Yes or No". I can make those decisions all day long.

But this decision is causing me to lay awake at nights (ok, only briefly!) and to spend hour after hour flicking through the pile of guitar magazines yet one more time, looking for inspiration.

There are 24 hours left for me to decide WHAT I'M GOING TO MAKE. Is it to be the PRS-alike (is that shape just too popular now?), or another wannabe KAWAI (But I've done that one already), or even a single-cutaway Les Paul shape (which is in a strong 3rd place on my alternatives list).

I think that the decision will be made tomorrow when I've finished in the wood store, looking through the stocks of body woods and caps. I want to try building with a body cap this time - to learn how it's done as much as any other reason, but I could use a cap on any of those body styles. I want to use the 3 pickups for the tonal variety, which probably points me towards the PRS shape (would a Les Paul body look "right" with the 3 pickups, a la Strat?).

I intend to post the starting pics (the pile of woods) here tomorrow evening, which will be the start of the 5 day course period. IF everything goes to plan, you'll see the guitar taking shape day-by-day ...

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