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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is probably a little sad, but I got really excited this morning when Mr TNT delivered a large and heavy (30kgs) package, full of bits of wood. Yup, bits of wood is now enough to get me excited.

First, a couple of sets of walnut caps. These look pretty good in the photos (IMHO), but look way way better in real life, and that's before they've been oiled and finished. I think these are going to look stunning in a couple of months when they're part of a newly built guitar ...

Also in the parcel were a couple of fairly large pieces of Olive Ash - ie Ash with a greeny tinge to it. A full 2" thick, and plenty enough for a couple of guitar bodies, and may be a neck blank or two as well ... does Ash make for good necks?

Those 2" planks were originally 3" thick, so my friendly wood supplier person cut off the extra 1", and then turned that into some bookmatched pieces ... looks better-than-good to me. I do realise that I now have lots of potential caps, and less-than-lots of potential bodies, so I'm on the lookout for some more body wood!
As well as unwrapping parcels of wood, and photographing the contents, I also spent a little time preparing a template for my intended next build - a LP Junior Doublecut - and once I'd finished the template, I thought I might as well cut out the body blank prepared earlier ... that's a quilted maple cap hiding a hefty chunk of Korina underneath ...
I've been offered a set of Lace Sensor P90's - which I'm probably going to grab - to fit into this one.

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