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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally, a little progress

It seems like I've had no time for guitar-making recently. But I did manage to get a few hours in the workshop today, so there's been a little progress.

First job was to drill the holes for, and fix in place, the (Vietnamese) mother-of-pearl fret markers. It looks a little messy where the superglue spilled out of the holes, but it dried eventually. I did have a can of glue accelerator somewhere ... but can I find it ??

And here's the re-sanded dots-in-place fretboard:

Whilst holding the neck in different positions as I was fitting the markers, I decided that it felt "chunky" - too chunky. It's not that I have small hands, but the neck felt a bit on the big side, so having already sanded it once to a reasonbly smooth finish, I decided to waste all of that work and re-shape the neck. There goes an hour or two ... but it feels better now.
And here's the body as it is - sanded to 180 grit all round, so it's getting there.

I don't like the traditional "f-hole" shape, so I've done something different. That's a piece of Sapele/Mahogany inset into the body. I'll drill the holes through to the sound cavity once I've finished sanding the rest of the body, otherwise the sound cavity will just fill up with sawdust.

Still plenty to do before I can plug this one in, but at least there's been some progress today.

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