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Friday, October 23, 2009

Guitarist magazine / Mark Bailey

Great to open this month's copy of Guitarist magazine (#322, November 2009) to see the "my guitar is" feature on the letters page ...

The featured guitar was made by John Pollock on the Bailey build-your-own-guitar course at the end of August.  I know John well, and I know how much he was both looking forward to, and fearing, the course - wondering whether his woodworking skills were quite up to the job of building a guitar.  As you'll see if you read the magazine (or it's on page 9 if you need to find it quickly at a newsagents!), John's build turned out incredibly well, and he looks pretty pleased with it too.

The guitar to John's right - you can only see the headstock and first few frets - was actually made by my stepson who (obviously!) attended the same course.  He was pretty pleased with his creation too.

Mark's course was how I started out on guitar-building a couple of years ago ... I still remember the incredible feeling of seeing something take shape before my eyes and under my hands - it really was one of my "life changing" events.

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