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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A pause ...

There's been something of a pause in the build of my thinline Tele-alike ... it's done apart from finishing the fretting properly.

I thought I'd get some decent tools to do the job properly (as it looks like I'll be repeating the job on a few builds in the future!), but rather than buying from a good, reliable, trusted source, I thought I'd venture into the the unknown of eBay.

Now, eBay is great from many perspectives, and I've used it successfully many times. But it's also great for scammers and rip-off merchants. After 3 weeks of waiting for my fretting tools to arrive (from the US), after emailing the seller without any response, I finally got fed up and informed them that I'd raise a Paypal dispute. Whereupon they replied (!) with a dispatch note.

Have they really sent anything? Have they sent what I bought and paid for 3 weeks ago? Will the tools be of decent quality if/when they arrive? Am I just another poor sucker who's been ripped off by an anonymous scam artist?

Such questions and excitement is all part of the eBay experience ...

Next time I'll buy from StewMac again. Their prices may be higher, but the quality and service can't be faulted.

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