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Thursday, June 26, 2008

DHL / StewMac - AMAZING service!

Decided I needed a few more bits and pieces (about $800 worth as it turned out). Learning from my past mistakes with eBay scummers, I decided to go back to StewMac to buy those bits and pieces. OK, so StewMac is a bit more expensive, but you can't fault the range of stuff that they stock, the quality or their totally amazing service.

I've used them once before, and was pleasantly surprised at the speedy service that time, but I always wondered if maybe that was a 1-off, that I just got lucky with that first order.

I hit the "buy" button sometime on Monday evening, and by Wednesday lunchtime the box had arrived ...

That is just amazingly good. Less than 48 hours to get a box of all sorts of bits and pieces picked, packed, shipped and delivered, from somewhere in the middle of the US, to me in the middle of nowhere in the UK.

It takes longer for the UK parcel delivery industry to get something from one side of the this country to another, whereas DHL deliver from a different continent, with a tracking system that lets you see where the parcel is for every step of the way.

Top marks to StewMac, and top marks to DHL. I'm noy buying my guitar stuff from anywhere else in future.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm in Canada and always get good service from Stew Mac. They are pretty expensive and not all their stuff is quality. Many of their pots, etc are pretty bad import products.

However they will take anything back. Their order process is my model of success to any webstore. You can order your stuff and see if its in stock, unlike Allparts who will take your order and ship you $12 worth of what they got and only then will you see the remaining $500 is backorded.

Plus they actually do have a support dept. I've contacted them before about tools and they answer. They also answered just plain repair questions.

The actual tool can be hit and miss though. I got an expesive diamond file from them that has the same round in either side. They cliam one is jumbo one is medium but tests proved them to be the same and useless. The crowning file works only to flatten the fret tops.

Also their .001" straight edges are no where near that exact. I put my stew mac straightedge agaisnt my stewmac fret dressing bar and light comes thru in waves. Both are supposedly ground flat. Well one or both obviously is not.

Yes their service is good but the pruducts are not always and some of those expensive tools are just plain goofy.