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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What did I learn on the course?

I will be the first to admit, publically, for all to read, that I realise that building a guitar under the watchful eye of Mark Bailey is likely to lead to a better result than building one without his help, advice, guidance and repair expertise!

But, at least I've tried once, and will try again and again. If I get just a little bit better, if I learn just a couple new tricks and techniques each time, then I'll be happy.

If guitar-building is a bug, then I've got it. Watching a perfectly playable instrument take shape in your own hands is a far more satisfying experience than walking into a shop and just buying one from a Chinese production line. And how much more environmentally responsible must it be? (OK, that's a weak excuse).

The story of my first completely self-build is told on the £100 guitar challenge blog (just click the underlined link to read all about it).

Rather than abandoning this blog - which was originally set-up to blog the 5 day course - I thought I'd develop it to tell the stories of my subsequent builds.

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