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Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's been a bit too hot for too much manual work in the workshop ... but I managed to get some more work done.

There's the truss rod fillet glued in place, and almost planed flush with the surface of the neck.
And, after being clamped in place for a few hours, here's the neck with the fretboard now fixed in place too.

That's the end of the easy work on the neck now. The rest of it is hard work - shaping the back of the neck, radiusing the fretboard, and getting the frets installed properly ..

Here's the body. I decided to hollow out a bit more that was shown on the template ..

And here is the top, glued and clamped to the body. I'm going to leave it like that overnight to make sure that the glue is absolutely, completely, fully and totally set ...

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