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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wiring a Kawai F-I

As you'll see from the pic in the post below, not all the wiring on my "new" Kawai was quite as it should be.

I believe that it's traditional for both ends of a wire to be connected to something.  Apparently, circuits don't work too well if one end of the wire is just hanging around mid-air.  So it turns out that electrickery isn't quite so clever after all.

Anyways, with huge help from National Express (they couldn't run a train service if it was in "O" guage on their kitchen table) who considerately decided to delay my journey home by a couple of hours this week, I found enough time to work out the correct wiring diagram.  Well, I say "I" did it, but actually I had a lot of help from my good friend Andy who also enjoys the service provided by National Express trains.  And there's a new meaning to the word "service".

So, with a wiring diagram that works perfectly in theory, I shall shortly try to implement it.  That will involve inserting a very hot soldering iron into a rather small space which is already rather full of wires.  This has the potential to be a bad experience ... cross some fingers for me ...

(For readers not in the UK, "National Express" is a company which runs train services. I use the words "run", "train" and "service" in the loosest possible sense of the words.  They frequently don't run - they stumble, slowly, then stop, in the middle of nowhere.  They're barely trains - I'd call them museum pieces, but most museums look after their exhibits.  And "service" ... well, my credit card gets hugely serviced every time I buy a ticket, but that's about the end of it).

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