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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This one didn't take long ...

... but still a bit longer than I'd hoped. I'd aimed to get this done over a long weekend, but good weather and a barbecue (=beer) intervened and caused a bit of a delay. I need to get some better natural light photos because the wood (bi-colour Ash) is nowhere near as brown/orange as these photos show it. It's much lighter.
I made the body to house some BareKnuckle "The Boss" pickups and a Warmoth birds-eye neck - I wanted a Tele as I've dismantled both of my previous home-build Teles (1 permanently, and 1 temporarily for a neck re-shape). The pickups are as good as you'd expect from near-£200 BKPs. The neck is quite chunky. I think I might leave this in open G tuning and use it as a chunky rhythm guitar for all those Stones tracks. Which I'd have to learn properly.

I also need to track down a chrome switch tip, 'cos the big black one is horrible!

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