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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Tele

It's time for some more guitar building, although this one will be a slight cheat.

I recently bought some BareKnuckle pickups (not cheating yet) and a Warmoth pre-made birds-eye maple neck (oops, maybe a slight cheat with that one?). I got them both second hand for a price that just meant that I had to buy them. As the BKPs are a set of "The Boss" p'ups, I've now got to build a Tele to house them. Which is useful, because I've just dissassembled the other 2 Teles that I've built, one for reshapting (the neck), and the other for recycling (the fire).

For the new build, my original plan was to use some Swamp Ash that I also recently bought. But once I'd planed it and looked at the grain pattern, I decided that it was a little too plain.

So that will be capped with something, probably some maple) and used for something else in due course. I do have some fretboard-sized purpleheart which will certainly add a little colour to the ash/maple combination.

Plan (b) for the Tele build is to use some other Ash - this is bi-coloured Ash - for the Tele body. The photo below doesn't do justice to the wood as it's just been planed and routed. Once it's had a little shaping and some finishing, I'm hoping that the full colour of the wood will become more obvious.

I'm happy with that join line though!

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