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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm building another cheapo ...

The people at the MusicRadar forum decided to do another £100 challenge. The challenge is to spend no more than £100, take no more than 1 month, and create a guitar. That might mean modding an existing old wreck, or building something from scratch.

Last year, I built one from scratch - a Cherry Tele - but it really wasn't that good. I had decided to take it apart and scrap it (or re-use the parts in another build sometime). But then this year's challenge came along, and I thought I'd try modding my build of last year.

The progress of that build will be blogged on my other blog (strangely enough, called the £100 guitar challenge!) and I'll be doing even less here for the next few weeks.

That guitar in the last post ... is all finished now! So, I'll post some final pics soonish.

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